RFID Time Attendance Units

Our Solutions are able to read multiple variations of RFID technology Cards or tokens.

This means we can often match the Attendance units to your existing RFID ID cards or tokens. Allowing a new attendance or access control solution to use your existing  technology.

Cards can be stored in a wall mounted rack when employees are on site as a quick visual indication for roll call or carried in wallet or purse. Tokens can be added to existing key rings and may be considered more convenient than cards.

RFID_Attendance_Token / Key Fob

Cards and tokens can be mixed within a solution as long as they are both the same technology type. Cards generally read from a longer distance from the reader units than tokens as they have a larger surface area where the aerial is embedded, these can also be doubled up as an ID company card and we can provide a printing service for this if needed .

Time Attendance clock unit
Online/Offline Time Attendance clock with POE

RFID Terminal for Time and Attendance
RFID Terminal for Time and Attendance

RFID Live POE Attendance Recorder           RFID Standard Attendance Unit