Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance Solution

Allday Time Manager is a Time & Attendance Software paired together with our Time Attendance Hardware which provides a comprehensive solution to today’s modern business requirements for clear accurate and secure data. Designed to assist you with your time attendance and absence management requirements related to your most valuable assets your employees.

Other benefits

The system has the following key benefits among many others

  • Link or export file to payroll 
  • Web enabled allowing the software to be accessed via virtually any modern mobile device
  • Work flow for Managers and Employees 
  • Absence Management module
  • HR records and automated notices to workflow
  • Integrated Access control
  • Comprehensive shifts engine including Flexitime
  • Built in wizards for Shift setup or adding new employees

With built in automation to streamline collection and processing of information with export of accurate worked days and hours to payroll or other systems. Our solution is designed built and supported from the uk and trusted and used by 1,000’s of company’s large and small. 

To find out more call us on 01252544457 email us at sales@alldaytime.co.uk or follow the links below for further information.

Time Attendance Software
Time Attendance Software

Time Attendance Hardware
Time Attendance Hardware