Biometric Time Attendance Units

Biometric Identity For Time Attendance

The  biometric identity of the individual is captured and stored within the solution and stored as a template (using secure encryption). This template is later used for identification of individuals to create attendance records for arrival / departure times, which is then used to calculate and store relevant attendance and absence data for reporting and analysis. Transaction data created by the employees at the reader units can be either stored within the reader units for later retrieval and processed by the server software or can be pushed direct live to the server software to produce immediate results.

Template storage

The system allows centralised storage and distribution of biometric templates/ Palms. Meaning that large sites or multi-location organisations can allow and control the use of a network of terminals at different locations from one or more central locations, without the need for users to register at each terminal.

We offer various biometric technologies such as Fingerprint Clocks , Face Readers, and Vein readers. Each technology has its own particular strengths and security level allowing organisations to choose the correct solution for their requirements as listed below

Face time attendance
Face time attendance (Low Security)

Fingerprint time clock
Fingerprint time clock (Medium Security)

Fujitsu Palm Access control solution
Palm Secure Time attendance Access control (High Security)