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Workforce management systems – right people, right place, right time

With the UK economy beginning to see some green shoots of recovery, forward thinking employers are investing in workforce management systems to enable them to maximise the opportunity for growth in their markets.

Employing a workforce management system, means employers can not only remain on top of their employees time attendance and absence records, but can also organise rotas and employee rostering, ensuring that they have ‘the right people in the right place at the right time’.

The benefits of a workforce management system are two fold – firstly the workforce becomes more efficient through reductions in lateness and absence as well as reducing times of over-staffing through effective employee rostering. Secondly, as shifts are properly covered and all overtime is recorded and paid, the workforce is happier and under less pressure and stress leading to improved productivity and staff loyalty.

Effective workforce management systems use a combination of powerful software/ databases (enabling access to live information, reports, workforce scheduling and other tasks) as well as hardware (clocking terminals including biometric or other electronic devices).

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Green shoots of recovery

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