We’re all going on a summer holiday... - Time and Attendance Software System

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

With school’s breaking up for summer and staff holiday requests building up at this time of the year, increased absence can mean workloads can easily become a strain and without proper planning and record keeping things can get out of hand and you find yourself short of staff just when you need them! Our leading software based time attendance system includes an absence management module which gives you the tools you need – including individual and global absence calenders, conflict groups, Bradford factor scoring, workflow and employee self service. The software comes with a choice of biometric time recorders (such as finger print time clocks or palm reader time
recorders) as well as swipe or badge (RFID) reading time clocks. To discuss your organisations needs contact one of our sales advisers today on 01252 544457 or email sales@alldaytime.co.uk

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