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Renting a Time & Attendance System

You may be considering whether to purchase outright, lease or to rent a new time & attendance system. At Allday Time Systems, we offer you the flexibility to purchase or rent, here’s some reasons why our customers choose to rent a system:

  • No upfront capital Investment needed– renting will allow you to invest your valuable capital in other areas to improve your business.
  • Tax efficient – rental payments are a 100% tax deductible business expense.
  • No impact on your balance sheet – renting a system does not result in any liability on your balance sheet (unlike loans).
  • No interest payments – if loans are required to fund a new system, as well as creating a liability on the balance sheet, high or uncertain levels of interest will need to be paid. These financial problems can be avoided through renting.
  • Faster return on investment – with rental the return on investment is achieved faster compared to outright purchase, where it takes much longer before the cost benefits match.
  • No depreciation – owning a system can be costly, and its value depreciates over time. Renting from Allday Time Systems allows you to use and benefit from the latest technology without depreciation concerns.
  • Spread the cost– with our quarterly rental payment plan the cost is spread over the useful life of the system. This enables you to plan ahead and budget without having large spikes in expenditure which could impair your cash flow.
  • Flexibility– at the end of the rental term you have the flexibility to choose whether to upgrade, continue to rent, purchase outright or simply cease to rent.
  • Support, servicing and maintenance all included– unlike leasing a system or outright purchase, the support, servicing and maintenance are all included in the rental price – including emergency call outs and parts. This gives convenience of having an all inclusive price as well as the peace of mind that the system is being maintained and supported, minimising the risk of possible downtime.
  • Ongoing training– as a rental customer you will receive ongoing training for new or existing users as needed.
  • Software upgrades – our software is constantly being developed and improved on, with new features continually being added. As a rental customer you will receive free upgrades of the software and benefit from new features and developments.
  • Immediate implementation – unlike capital expenditures, which you may need to plan for months in advance, rental arrangements can be implemented immediately. This means you can start benefiting from the system sooner.

For more information on renting a time and attendance system, please speak to your sales adviser or contact us on 01252 544457.

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