Cloud Based Workforce Management Software - Time and Attendance Software System
Cloud Based Workforce Management Software

Cloud Based Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software, including time and attendance systems, absence management software, attendance management software and workflow are now available in the Cloud or through SSAS (Software As A Service).

But what advantage can be gained from Cloud based solutions over conventional workforce management software (which is typically installed on your computer or networked server)?

We explain what the main advantages are below:


Being able to access, edit or process time and attendance or absence requests and records from any internet enabled device gives significant flexibility over conventional installed workforce management software, meaning that you can access the information from anywhere at any time through a variety of devices.

Easy Installation

The workforce management software is installed on a hosted server and accessed via your internet browser – this means that there is no software to instal on your computer or server.

Low Maintenance

As there is no workforce management software to instal then there is no need for ongoing maintenance of the software – saving your IT department time and money.

Software Upgrades

When it is time for the workforce management software to be upgraded, there is no need for any delay or downtime, as the upgrade is handled seemlessly on the hosted server with no need to interupt the end users.

For more information on Cloud based Workforce Management Software solutions contact Allday Time Systems on 01252 544457.

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