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Biometric readers featuring Fujitsu ‘Award Winning’ Palm Secure Technology

_DSF4426_2 (2)Building on their existing partnership with Fujitsu, Allday Time Systems have developed the ‘Allday PalmReader Lite’ – a cutting edge Biometric Access Control and Attendance system, featuring award winning Fujitsu Palm Secure  technology.

The readers scan the users palm creating a unique coded reference of the branching patterns of veins – unique to each person.  The sensor scans with a high identification accuracy for maximum security and reliability with a false acceptance of less than 1 in 1,250,000 (10 times more accurate than fingerprint readers).  As palm veins are inside the body, no trace is left making them very difficult to forge. Palm vein is universally usable, as opposed to fingerprint where a proportion of the population cannot be read.

The readers are also hygenic as there is minimal or no contact, with the scan taking place mid-air.

The readers have voice instructions from the internal speaker and LED to assist the user, with a durable and stylish metal casing with a removable hand guide.

Please see the attached leaflet for more information or contact us on 01252 544457.

Click here for PalmReader Lite Information Leaflet



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